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{BEST*} Valentine Day Wishes Quotes Messages [Status] For Boyfriend

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Valentine Day wishes Quotes Messages Status For Boyfriend: Valentine's day is a very special day for girls when they want to see their boyfriend in a happy mood.They try to make happy with best wishes. girls always desire those valentine wishes which can convince their boyfriends. If you love someone and you want to make this upcoming valentine special valentine wishes messages quotes. now we are presenting here for you best valentine day wishes for a boyfriend, valentine day messages for boyfriend, valentine day quotes for boyfriend, valentine day status for a boyfriend.

Happy Valentine Day

Valentine Day Wishes For Boyfriend:

“No words can tell youHow I love youYet I try againTo use themIn the right wayFor you are the bestAnd you must know thisI love you so muchAnd I love you for thisHappy Valentine’s Day dear boyfriend!”.!!
“The twinkle in your eyesThe spark in your wordsPasses a current through meWhich I would never hide.”!!
Here is my heartIt is yours so take itTreat it gently, please do not break itFull of love that's good and trueSo please keep it always close to youHappy Valentine's Day!!

Valentine Day Quotes For Boyfriend:

Just the thought of you makes my heart beat so fastMakes me breathe so hardAnd I perspire a lot!You really are the one ..I love you!Happy Valentine's Day
My love is here for youYou can have it for all timejust please say yesAnd be my valentineI love you so much..!!
You will always be mine for now and foreverYou will always be mine forever my treasureYou will always be mine please tell me its truePlease be mine forever I will always love youHappy Valentine's Day..!!

Valentine Day Messages For Boyfriend:

This valentine's dayI have to confessNo matter how much we findHow much ever you tease meHow much you annoy meI can't do without youHappy Valentine’s Day dear boyfriend..!!
My life was in a shellSo dark so lovelyUntil you came in my lifeFilled my life with joyI love you for this dear boyfriendAnd for reasons still unknown to meHappy Valentine's Day
I love you foreverFor giving me your heartFor needing me by your sideFor making me smile when I’m sadBut most of all I love youFor loving me the way I am.Happy valentines Day Dear!!!

Valentine Day Status For Boyfriend:

“To my dear boyfriend staying far away, I send you all my love and a happy valentine’s day celebration.I hope you celebrate the special day oflove well and I pray our love and relationship grow stronger.”..!!
“Through this beautiful text message,I send happily and sweet valentine’s day wishes for you.I wish you have a marvelous Valentine’s Day celebration filled with good moments.”!!

I hope like this collection Valentine Day wishes and Quotes for a boyfriend. There are best valentine's Day Messages for a boyfriend. if you like these valentine's Day Status for a boyfriend, valentine Day Wishes for Boyfriend then please share them with your friends so that they can also their valentine Day Status these Whatsapp statuses to their friends and other peoples. So friends enjoy this collection and share it with your friends and your loved ones on social media networking sites like facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter etc for free. 

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BEST*} Happy Friendship Day Messages In Hindi And English

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Friendship Messages: Hello Friends, Happy Friendship Day To all my friends. Today we are going to sharing with you the latest collection of Friendship Day Messages In Hindi and Friendship Day Messages In English on Friendship Day 2016. This year Friendship Day will be celebrated on 7 August 2016. You may wish to celebrate and send Friendship Messages to your best friends in your friend's circle as well as old friends. We have a nice collection of Happy Friendship Day Messages for Friendship Day, that to send to your friend circle.  If you also searching over world wide web for some latest Friendship Day Messages in your regional languages like Hindi or English then now you are in the right place which is not only your friends but also you will feel good if you send all of these to your friends. So enjoy this collection Happy Friendship Day Messages and don't forget to share this post with your lovely friends on social media networking sites like facebook WhatsApp etc. 

Friendship Day Messages
Friendship Day Messages

I like to wish my each and every friend on the Friendship then I think same so with other people because everyone like to wish their friend on the Friendship Day because everyone like to create an impression on their friends. So now let's start our Happy Friendship Day 2016 Messages in Hindi and English for your free download.

HAPPY*} Friendship Day Wishes In Hindi 'Best Collection 2016'

Friendship Day Messages In Hindi:

हर कर्ज दोस्‍ती का अदा कौन करेगा....
जब हम ही न रहे तो दोस्‍ती कौन करेगा।
ऐ खुदा मेरे दोस्‍त को सलामत रखना....
वरना मेरे जीने की दुआ कौन करेगा।

Kabhi Us Insaan ko Nazar Andaz Na Karo
Jo Tumhari Bahut Parwah Karta Ho
Warna Kisi Din Tumhe Ehsas Hoga Ke,
Patthar Jamaa Karte-Karte Tumne HEERA Gawa Diya.!

Teri dosti mein khud ko mehfooz maante hain,
Hum doston mein tumhe sabse azeez maante hain.
Teri dosti ke saaye mein zinda hain,
Hum to tujhe khuda ka diya hua tabeez maante hain…!

दिल्लगी दोस्तो के नाम होती है,
दिलदारी दोस्तो की शान होती है,
कही भी रहो पर राहोंगे दिल में,
यही सच्ची दोस्ती की पहचान होती है.!!

3, kale dost the.
bhagawan ne unhe ek ek wardan magane ka mauka diya.
1&2 mujhe gora bana do.
3- hi hi hi inhe phir se kala bana do
moral- kuchh dost kamine ke kamine rehate hai.!

Friendship Day Messages In English:

Hand grasps at hand
eye lights eye in good
great hearts expands
grow one in te sense
of this world's life.!

Friendship is the mixture of two heart which made for each other without any lust or love but full of care to each other. Happy friendship day to all of my friends.!

My Heart is like an open book,
It depends on how u read me,
don't judge me by my cover,
Look in discover I�ll be true friend forever..!

When you lose your way, I will walk beside you. When you see all dark, I enlighten your path. When you feel all alone, I'll hold. I'm your friend. I will not fail you.!
BEST*} Happy Friendship Day Quotes In Hindi And English 

Happy Friendship Day Messages:

Every garden must have a rose, Every sweet face must have a smile, Every grass must have some dew & Every person in the world must have a friend like "YOU". Happy Friendship Day!

Look Outside it's So Pleasant!
Sun Smiling 4 U !
Trees Dancing 4 U !
Birds Singing 4 U !
Because I Asked Them All 2 Wish You
A Happy Friendship Day

Palbhar mein toot jaye wo kasam nahi,
Dost ko bhul jaye wo hum nahi,
Tum hume bhool jao is baat mein dum nahi,
Kyon ki tum hame bhul jao itne bure hum nahi.
“Happy Friendship Day”!!

I know friendship is hard to keep,but even if it gets harder I won't give up., bcoz if its hard 2 keep U,it will be harder 2 find U again.HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY

Friendship Day Messages:

Sabse alag sabse nayare ho aap
Tareef kabhi puri na ho itne pyare ho aap
aaj pata chala ki zamena q jalta hai humse
Qki dost to akhir hamre ho aap!!

Zindagi K Tufano Ka Sahil Hai Teri Dosti
Dil Ke Armaano Ki Manzil Hai Teri Dosti
Zindagi Bhi Ban Jayegi Apni To Jannat
Agar Maut Aane Tak Sath De Teri Dosti…!

 Some can give u Crying & tears. Many mothers can give u Laughter & smiles. But only rare can give u Laughing tears & Crying smiles. Those r simply called Friends.Happy Friendship Day !

 A good friend would bail you out of jail but your best friend would be the one sitting next to you saying, damn that was cool.!


I Hope you like this collection Friendship Day Messages In Hindi and Friendship Day Messages In English language 2016. So share this post with your friends and enjoy the day Happy Friendship Day 2016.

HAPPY*} Friendship Day SMS In Hindi & English 'Best Collection 2016'

NEW*} Happy Friendship Status For Whatsapp In Hindi Language

Happy Diwali Wishes In Hindi

Happy Diwali Quotes In Hindi

{2017*} Happy Valentine Day [Status] Shayari SMS Images

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Valentine Day Whatsapp Status: Happy Valentine Day 2016 to all my friends and loyal blog readers, Today I am going to share with you the best collection of Valentine Day Status , Valentine day Shayari and Valentine Day Images. on the occasion of valentine day, status SMS Shayari lovers are eagerly looking for Best happy valentine Day Whatsapp Status 2016.everyone, especially youngsters are very excited about this day, on which they try to express their love with the proper collection of words.We have provided the latest Valentine day SMS, Shayari Status along with Valentine Day Quotes in Hindi, Marathi, Bengali etc that will help you to update your social media status or send your love through SMS to your partner with deep meaning inside.we have some unique SMS for valentine day messages for husband and wife that will add a different flavor of love in your relation.So just copy our funny Valentine day Status and send it to your love partner.

Happy Valentine Day
Happy Valentine Day

Valentine's Day Whatsapp Status:

If it is not valentines day and you see a man in a flower shopYou can probably start up a conversation by askingWhat did you do??Valentine Day Status
The poor wish to be rich,The rich wish to be happyThe single wish to be marriedAnd the married wish to be Dead..!!Happy Valentine Day Status
Happiness is an imaginary conditionFormerly attributed by the living to the deadNow usually attributed by adults to childrenAnd by children to adults!!Happy valentine Day..2016

Valentine Day Shayari:

what I need to live has been given to me by the earthWhy I need to live has been given to me by you my valentineHappy Valentine Day Shayari
No poems no fancy wordsI just want the world to know that I LOVE YOUMy princess with all my heartHappy Valentine Day To My Love
Love is like playing the pianoFirst you must learn to play by the rulesThen you must forget theRules and law from your heartHappy Valentine Day Shayari

Valentine Day SMS:

With this kiss, I reveal all mythoughts and feelings about youThat I have withheld for so longI feel when I am with you I am like a kissNot because of its beautyBut because I am able to bloom and grow with you!!Happy Valentine day SMS
Feelings are always the sameSaying it could be in different waysSome say it directly are called 'LOVERS'Some write them on paper are called 'POETS'Happy Valentines Day For Her
Phool khilte rahe zindagi ki raah meHansi chamakti rahe aapki nigah meKadam kadam par mile khushi ki bahar aapkoDil deta hai yahi dua baar baar aapkoHappy Valentine Day Meri JaanHappy valentine Day SMS in Hindi

Valentine Day Images:

Happy Valentine Day Images

Happy Valentine Day Images

Happy Valentine Day Images

I hope you like this collection Happy Valentine Day Status and Valentine Day Shayari, Images. So friends enjoy this collection and share it with  your friends and your loved ones on social media networking sites like facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter etc for free. For More Valentine Day 2017 Updates please stay connected with

{*NEW} Cool Status SMS Quotes Shayari Messages In Hindi

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Cool Status SMS Quotes Shayari Messages In Hindi:  Hello Friends, Today we are here to share this wonderful post" Cool Status SMS Quotes Shayari Messages In Hindi" just for you. we are very particular and keen about our WhatsApp status as it is the best way nowadays to share how we are and reveals our attitude towards our life. The best way to grab folks attention is through a great Cool Status In Hindi, Cool SMS In Hindi, Cool Quotes In Hindi, Cool Shayari In Hindi, Cool Messages In Hindi, for WhatsApp. Whatsapp statuses are very popular among students who love Cool Whatsapp Status In Hindi And English. maybe you are thinking where can I get the awesome stuff about this, yes you are in the right place. here we go with Best Cool Status, SMS, Quotes, Shayari, Messages In Hindi just for you.

Cool Whatsapp Status

Cool status In Hindi:

Do not argue with an idiot, he will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.!
Karni hai Khuda Se ek guzarish ke Teri Dosti ke siva koi bandgi na mile… Har janam mein mile dost tere jaisa Ya phir kabhi Zindagi na mile… !!
Kuch nasha to aapki baat ka hai, Kuch nasha to dheemi barsaat ka hai, Humhe aap yuhi sharabi na kahiye, Yeh dil par asar to aapse mulaqat ka hai.!!
Asmaan par jitne tare hain, Ankhon mein jitne ishare hain, Samander ke jitne kinare hain, Utne screw dheele tumhare hain..!!

Cool SMS In Hindi:

Don’t waste your time on peoplewho don’t value your feelings?don’t pour feelings on wrong people.invest your time in peoplewho makes your life beautiful and meaningful.!!
komal komal jazbay mereKyun Baat Hamari nahi mantayKyun Dil Hamara Dukhatay HoYe Komal Komal Jazbay MereKyun In ko Sulatay HoAnkhon main rehti hai nami mereKyun is se ankhain churatay hoKya rakha hai baton main meriKyun in pe dil lutatay hoMaan jao na baat hamariKyun hum pe situm detay hoJo dil main hai tumharayWoh he dil main hai hamarayKyun in jazbon ko rulatay hoYe komal komal jazbay mereKyun in ko Sultay ho!!
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SAD*} Dard Status Shayari SMS Messages In Hindi

Cool Quotes In Hindi:

I want to make a Facebook account and the name will be Nobody so when I see stupid crap people post, I can Like it. And it will say, Nobody, Likes This.!!
I am hard on myself sometimes where I found that the person I should ask for forgiveness is actually myself but I have learned to understand and accept myself exactly the way I am. I am happy now.
Zindagi aik gift hay [QABOOL KIJYE]Zindagi ek ehsaas hai[MEHSOOS KIJYE]Zindagi ek dosti hai{dosti dijiye}Zindagi ek dard hai{BANT LIJYE}Zindagi ek MILAN hai {MUSKURA LIJIYE}Zindagi ek Judai hai {SABAR KIJIYE}Zindagi ek Aanso hai {PI LIJIYE}Zindagi akhir Zindagi hai{JEE LIJIYE}!!

Cool Shayari In Hindi:

Iiss duniyaa ki bheed main boohat say yaar milain gayhum kia hum say bhi achay hazaar milain gayin achoo ki bheed main humay bhula na dainahum kahaan app ko baar baar milain gay..!
Ek kasak dil mein dabi reh gayi, Zindagi mein unki kami reh gayi,Itni ulfat k baad b vo mujhe na mile..Shayad meri mohabbat mein hi kuch kami reh gayi..!
(EHSAAS)ap ki mohabbat ka,(BHAROOSA)ap ki baton ka,(QADAR)ap k name ki,(FAKHAR)ap se dosti ka,(INTIZAAR)ap k sweet sms ka..!

Cool Messages In Hindi:

Tammana hai ki koi hamari bhi shakishiyat se pyar kareVrna haisiyatse pyar to seher ki taiwyaf bhi karti hai.!
Ladki ki Nazro me nazakt hoti he Uske inkar me b ijajt hoti he Humesa piche pad jao jub tak ha na bole Qki der Se ha karna ladkiyo ki adat hoti h!!
Main Dua Mein Tujhe Manga Hai, Magar Wafa Se Manga Hai..!! Kabhi Sajde Mein Jakar Pucho Apne Rab Se, K Maine Kis Kis Ada Se Tumhe Manga Hai..!! 
Pyar ki raah mein hum aur tum yun kho jayengeGar haath bhi rakha to ehsas na hogaHumara dil to tumne le liya hai sanamTumhara dil bhi tumhare paas na hoga!! 

I hope you like this collection Cool Status, SMS and Cool Shayari Messages in Hindi language. So friends enjoy this collection and share it with your friends on social media networking sites like facebook, Whatsapp, twitter etc for free. For more updates please stay connected with

FUNNY*} Funny Status SMS Quotes Shayari Messages Jokes In Hindi

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Funny Status SMS Quotes Shayari Messages Jokes In Hindi: Here we have written some best & latest Very Funny Status In Hindi,  Funny SMS In Hindi,  Funny Quotes In Hindi,  Funny Shayari In Hindi,  Funny Messages In Hindi,  Funny Jokes In Hindi which you can share with social media. we also have a collected of  Love Status In Hindi, English, Marathi Language I hope you like this collection Funny SMS, Quotes & Shayari, So friends enjoy this collection and share it with your friends on social media networking sites like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter etc for free.

Funny status  SMS Shayari Jokes In Hindi
Funny status  SMS Shayari Jokes In Hindi

Funny status In Hindi:

I Have Good News And Bad News To Tell You.
The Bad News? I Have No Good News.
And The Good News? I Have No Bad News.!

Boy to pretty girl - Recharge ki dukan kaha hai ?
Girl: Pata nahi yaar me to ladko se karwa leti hu!!

Aag lagana hamari fitral nahi.. Lekin Log Hamari Saadgi se jal jaaye toh, Isme hamara kya kasur??

Teri adao pe mein vari vari,
Dial 139 for Railway inquiry…?
 Naa jeene ki aarzoo, naa marne ka khuaaff
The number you are trying is currently switching off..?!

Exams ka saya hai,
exam ke dino mein sukh kisne paya hai?
duniya wale kehte hain ache number lo,
par inhe kaun samjhaye yeh to moh maya hai!!

Funny SMS In Hindi:

#Facebook Pe Ye Post Kar Do…
Friends, Please suggest a good car
in the range of 50 lakhs to 60 lakhs.
Aapke Aadhe #Rishtedaar To
Heart Attack Se Hi Mar Jayenge!!!

Modern Bhikhari.
Ek Bikhari So Raha Tha Usne
Apne Samne Board Laga Rakha Tha.
Kripya Katore Me Note Dale..
Chhutte Daal Ke
Neend Kharab Na Kare.!

Apka nakra no1 Apka sarmana no.1
Apki hasi no1 Apka smartness no1
Apki personality no1 Apki chal no1
Aap dikhne me no1 Or hum fekne me No1..!!

Tum HAsTEy raho, MUSKuRATEy raho,
sada KHILKHeeLATEy raho, KHUS raho,
chilatey rahonaachtey rahomera kya hai bhai, log tumhe he ‘PAGALA’ kahenge!!

Funny Quotes In Hindi:

A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend.
A successful woman is one who can find such a man.!!

Welcome to "Sach Ka Saamna"



Jawaab sirf haan ya na me dena hai..

Toh lo aapke liye pehla sawal..

Kya aapne mandir se chappal churana chhor diya hai…!

Be crazy. Be strange. Be silly. Be weird. Be unique.
Be whatever that makes you happy. Because life is too short to be anything but happy.!!

My advice to you is get married: if you find a good wife you'll be happy; if not, you'll become a philosopher.!

Funny Shayari In Hindi:

Arz kiya hai…
Mere ishq ki Balling ne, Uske Dil ka Wicket gira diya,
Par Taqdeer to dekho, Uska Baap umpire tha.
Meri Ball ko “Ball” dekhar, “Free Hit” Bana diya.!!

Umar ki raah mein JAZBAAT badal jate hai,
Waqt ki AAndhi me HALLAT badal jaate hai,
Sochta hoon kaam kar kar ke Record tod dun,
Lekin kambhakt salary dekhte he KHAYAAL badal jaate hai.!

Aahat see koi aaye toh lagta hain kee tum ho,
Saaya saa koi lehraaye toh lagta hain kee tum ho,
Ab tum hee bataao kya tum kisi bhoot sey kam ho?!

Har taraf padhai ka saya hai
Kitabon mein kisne sukh paya hai
Hum to jaate the tuition ladkiyaan dekhne
Aur Sir kehte the
Dekho itni barsaat mein bhi ladka padhne aaya hai!!

Funny Messages In Hindi:

Bottle Chupa Dena Kafan Mein Mere,
Shamshan Mein Baith Kar Piya Karuga,
Khuda Maangega Jab Hisaab Mujhse,
Ek Ek Peg Bana Kar Diya Karunga.

Samundar ke kinare par baithe hai
Kabhi to lehar aayegi..
Kismat badle na badle...


Beggar: “Kuch khaane ka do! 2 Din se kuch Nahi Khaya”
Pandit: “Tamatar Khao”
Beggar: “Roti do baba”
Pandit: “Tamatar Khao”
Beggar: “Tamatar hi khila do”
Pandit’s Wife: “Ye Totla bolte he, Keh rahe he KAMAKAR KHAO !”!!

Umar ki raah mein JAZBAAT badal jate hai,
Waqt ki AAndhi me HALLAT badal jaate hai,
Sochta hoon kaam kar kar ke Record tod dun,
Lekin kambhakt salary dekhte he KHAYAAL badal jaate hai..!!

Funny Jokes In Hindi:

Mohabbat karli tumse bahut sochne k baad,
Ab kisiko dekna nhi tumhe dekhne k baad,
Dunia chod denge tmhe pane k baad,

Khuda maff kre itna jhoot bolne KE BAAD!

Ek Mandir K Bahar Likha Tha:
"Jo Paap Ker K Thak Gaye Hen,
Wo Meri Sharan Me Ajayen."

Ek Callgirl ny Nichy Apna Mobile No. Likh Diya:
"Jo Nahi Thaky Wo Meri Sharan Me Ajaen"...;-p

Gabbar – Kitne Admi the?
Kalia – Sarkar 2
Gabbar= Mujhe ginti nahi Aati,2 kya hota hai?
Kalia – 2, 1 ke Baad Aata hai.
Gabbar – Or 2 k pehle?
Kalia – 2 k pehle 1 Aata hai.
Gabbar – To bich me kaun Aata hai?
Kalia – Bich me koi nahi Aata
Gabbar – To fir Dono ek sath Q nahi Aate?
Kalia – 2, 1 k baad hi aa sakta haiQ ki 2,1 se bada hai..
Gabar – 2, 1 se Kitna bada hai?
Kalia – Kutte…! goli marni hai to mar de,
Tera namak khaya hai,CHAWANPRASH Nahi>>!!

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